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Purchase Hessburg-Barron Trephines Direct from BPI

The Hessburg-Barron Vacuum Trephine is available directly from Barron Precision Instruments to doctors and clinics in the United States only. You can contact BPI to inquire about direct orders – call (810) 695-2080 or send a facsimile to (810) 695-0948. Following are the Hessburg-Barron Vacuum Trephine sizes that are available from BPI:

Catalogue NumberSizeUnit Price Net of Shipping
21-82606.0 mm$70
21-82656.5 mm$70
21-82707.0 mm$70
21-82727.25 mm$70
21-82757.5 mm$70
21-82777.75 mm$70
21-82898.0 mm$70
21-82828.25 mm$70
21-82858.5 mm$70
21-82878.75 mm$70
21-82909.0 mm$70