Vidaurri Fluid Retention Ring

The Vidaurri Fluid Retention Ring is a stainless steel vacuum cylinder that is designed to attach to the patient cornea to hold fluids for photorefractive keratectomy (PRK), corneal cross-linking, or any other procedure that requires a fluid to be constrained locally on the cornea. It is 8.7mm in diameter and attaches to a vacuum syringe.

Vidaurri with Syringe
Vidaurri with Syringe

Vidaurri Fluid Retention Ring is comprised of 3 pieces:

  • A spring-loaded syringe with silicone tubing that is 15 inches (38cm) long connected by a Luer-Lok hub.
  • A stainless steel vacuum ring that is attached to the silicone tubing.
  • A plastic alignment cylinder with crosshairs used for centering the vacuum ring.
Vidaurri Ring with plug and Tubing Bottom View
Bottom View of Vidaurri Ring with Alignment Cylinder
Vdaurri Ring with Alignment Cylinder in Position


The Vidauuri Fluid Retenton Ring comes in one size ? 8.7mm in diameter.

The Retention Ring is available only from Katena Products as their product number K20-2135. Contact Katena Products to order the Vidaurri Fluid Retention Ring.

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