Unmounted Sterile Cornea Trephine Blades

Precision Instruments manufactures sterile, disposable trephine blades using the same manufacturing technology that is used for the blades in the vacuum trephines and donor cornea punches:

  • Multiple computer-controlled micro-honing for superior sharpness
  • Constructed from the hardest available stainless steel

Each blade is provided in an innovative package that utilizes a stainless steel spring clip to secure the blade in place during shipment. The specially-designed nylon holder protects the cutting edge of the blade, regardless of the position of the holder.

The wall thickness of the stand-alone blades is 0.6 mm, providing a blade that is much more durable and reliable than trephines that are constructed from thin razor blade material (which is typically only 0.1 mm thick). The Barron trephine blades are crafted from solid stainless steel, and the cutting cylinders are honed to a perfect circle to within +/- 6 microns (0.0006 mm).

You can rely on a repeatable cut time after time when you use state-of-the-art blades manufactured by Barron Precision Instruments.


The Barron Trephine Blades come in 14 sizes, ranging from 6.0 mm in diameter to 9.5 mm, plus a 16 mm size that can be used to cut scleral tissue for preparation of the donor cornea. The Barron Trephine Blades are available only through Katena Products, Inc. or one of their authorized world-wide distributors. Please contact Katena for pricing and delivery information.

Part #Diam.
K20-21506.0 mm
K20-21526.5 mm
K20-21536.75 mm
K20-21547.0 mm
K20-21557.25 mm
K20-21567.5 mm
K20-21577.75 mm
K20-21588.0 mm
K20-21598.25 mm
K20-21608.5 mm
K20-21618.75 mm
K20-21629.0 mm
K20-21649.5 mm
K20-217816.0 mm

Barron Precision Instruments, LLC is now a part of Corza Medical. Learn more about the acquisition at Corzaeye.com.